Goodbye Friends!

Hey guys! So… It’s a little bit embarrassing that the last time i posted was nearly six months ago…. But that’s in the past! I’m starting fresh with a new blog called “Cardigans and Cookies.” Check it out here. It’s just the same as this, except I’ll be more diligent in posting. Hope to see you there!



Room Tour + First Day of School!

Hi guys! I’ve decided that I’m going to post every Saturday from now on. So anyway, as I was thinking of what I was going to do with my blog, I realized that y’all have never seen my room! (No, I’m not from the South. I just LOVE saying y’all. Just ask all my friends.) So anyway, today you’re going to see my room and my first day of school.


So here is basically what you can see from my hallway. There is my bed in the doorway and the door to the right of my bed is my closet. I actually have two closets because my room is tiny.


My super resourceful mother put two cute little hooks on the inside of my hallway closet door and this is where I put all my purses/bags. Honestly, all that I’ve got is a church bag (the one with the purple/pinkish bottom that is falling apart), an every day tote (the owl one), a babysitting tote (the plain one behind the owl purse), and a little clutch (the multicolored one up top).





Every season, I go through my clothes and put the ones that I won’t wear in the hallway closet. Here’s my winter stuff (that I will probably go through again in a month or so).


I’ve also got my laundry hamper in here. This was another one of my mom’s ingenious ideas.

Okay, enough with my hallway closet. Onto my room!


As you walk in, this adorable “b” is directly to the right of the door. It’s just really cute. My mom DIYed it before DIYing was cool. Now you can see why I idolize my mother. 🙂


This LOVELY trash can is right under the “b.” It’s really yucky looking but I NEED a trash can; if I didn’t have one, all that trash would be on the floor right now. I am SUCH a slob. Speaking of which, I was organizing my books at school and my best friend said, “Why do you have to be so organized?” I answered, “If I’m not, I’m a slob.’ It’s such the truth though. I almost HAVE to be OCD because if I’m not, I’m an OCD person’s nightmare. Does anyone know where to get a cute wastebasket? I’m thinking turquoise/Tiffany blue/mint. That’s my accent color.




Here are a few shots of my bed. Right before we moved into this house, we were staying at a friends’ house. Their daughter (who is an adult now) had a room with a daybed and a bunch of pillows on it. It inspired me. Instead of getting a daybed, we got a sleigh bed and piled it up with pillows. Right now I’m making pillows with my accent colors so I can keep piling the pillows on there.


Okay, so this chandelier is seriously the HIGHLIGHT of my room. (Get it? High light? Hahahaha, I’m so punny.) But seriously. I love this thing. We got it at Ikea and it seriously makes my room a princess room. It is awesome. It’s timeless and amazing and awesome.


Here’s where I keep all of my earrings. Yes, they’re clip-ons, so that’s why they work with the ribbon.



Here are a few pictures of my dresser. You can’t really see the drawers in the pictures but they’re there. I promise. Then on the bottom shelf (the top of the drawer part) I’ve got a basket full of stuff. Nothing important, just stuff. I also have some pictures and some inspirational stuff on bricks/wood blocks. It’s great. On the second level I have books. So many books. And this is NOT all. I’ve got more stashed around my room and in my sister’s room. My brother’s room, too. There might even be some in the family room. The point is I have a LOT of books. Bookworm points. On the next level I have two pictures, a jelly thingy thing (I don’t know what to call it. It’s just a thing.), a teacup, a REALLY cool music box (egg) that my grandparents got from France and then gave to my mom, a japanese teapot thingy, a basket thingy that my friend made, a stack of cool old books, and an angel statue thing. On the top shelf I have all of my snow globes. I collect ’em. It’s great. My darling little sister has actually broken three of them (which is why I keep them on the top shelf now) but you know it’s cool.



Here’s my jewelry corner (minus the earrings). The vase thing that holds my bracelets/watches was from my mom. Then my necklace/bracelet holder was also from my mom. She drilled hooks into a rectangle of wood and then covered it with gorgeous fabric. I love it. Seriously guys. This woman is AMAZING.


Oh my gosh guys I love this desk!!!!!! It’s a pretty recent addition to my room. We found this gem when we were antiquing on the way back from Utah. We magically fit it into our minivan with all the suitcases and drove it home and here it is! I’ve had that chair FOREVER. My mom found it at a yardsale and reupholstered it with the cute fabric. BOOM. I bet y’all want to by my mother’s daughter now. But you can’t so haha. I’m just kidding. If you could all be my siblings, that would be great.


THIS DESK IS MAGICAL. Period. So if any of you have watched Doctor Who, this desk is like the Tardis. It is totally bigger on the inside. Like on the outside it’s just a tiny little delicate thing and then you open the top and BOOM. All this is there. Plus it has a mirror, which is amazing. So yeah. So at the bottom left I have mini hair elastics and big ones on the container. Middle left is bows because I like bows. No, I love bows. They are the best. Ever. Top left is my junk compartment. It literally has junk in it. And that’s it. Top middle has my leave-in conditioner, deodorant, and lotion. Top right is seriously chock-full of chapstick and those cheesy little lip glosses. I shall never lose chapstick again. Ever. Middle right is bobby pins that I’ve already taken off of the package/opened. And then there’s a random $5 bill there that I have to give my dad so that he can give me change for it because I need $1.50. TMI? No. There is never TMI. Bottom right is makeup stuff. I don’t really use that much makeup at all but I do use Baby Lips mostly as a chapstick because it is moisturizing and has that eucalyptus in it. Plus it provides just enough color. On special occasions, I’ll use lipstick. I only occasionally wear eyeshadow just because I’m lazy. I would wear mascara but my mascara is currently MIA. Meaning I don’t have any. But you know it’s cool. And then I have eye makeup remover just in case I have a dance recital or something and for when I finally DO get mascara. Finally, in the middle I have a brush and bobby pins. Done.


See? It’s the magical mirror of awesomeness.


So in my top left drawer I have school supplies. Pens, tape, highlighters, etc. I should have scissors in there right now but I have been too lazy to transport a pair from downstairs to upstairs. Just. Too. Much. Effort.


OH MY GOODNESS. I love these pens. Not only is the exterior my favorite color, but they are the smoothest writing ballpoint pens ever. Love them.

The bottom left drawer is home to all of my pencils. I’m a leftie so this is super convenient. Anyone else a southpaw?

Top right has a bunch of notepads and stuff. That’s it. Nothing special.

This bottom right drawer has all my electronics. My (ancient) iPod shuffle, my speaker, etc. It’s awesome because all of this stuff used to reside between the desk and the dresser. It was quite unsightly. Now it’s all out of the way and awesome.


I have also had this stool thingy forever. Now my TERRIBLY TERRIBLE alarm clock rests on top of it and inside (yes, it opens up) is home to my bedtime story (I read before bed. It’s great. Currently I’m working on Pride & Prejudice.) and my flashlight.


My tower also provides storage. The drawers at the bottom hold my textbooks and looseleaf papers. All of the suitcases and hatboxes you see are memento boxes for me. I have a lot of memories. The blue box in the middle is a cosmetics box. It has hot rollers (which are basically a mix between a curling iron and foam curlers. They are heated up in essentially a glorified toaster and then you roll them in your hair and pin them up. It’s pretty magical.), nail polish, and lotion. It’s great.

Here’s my closet. As you can see, it has a slanted floor, which we have used to our advantage. We put toe molding on the floor and made it into a shoe rack. It’s pretty glorious, basically.

So here’s all of my clothing that’s not in my other closet or my dresser. I have been OCD and organized it according to the article of clothing. It was pretty fun. There’s also a hook on the door where I hang my towel.


Up top, over the closet, I have bins that have jewelry-making, crafts, and sewing projects in them. SO MUCH STORAGE.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve also got storage under my bed.

My shoes are there. Right now. BOOM. Mind. Blown.

Okay, so that’s my room! Moral of the story is: even if you have a tiny room, you can have at least double that in storage space.That was pretty fun. Comment below if you want an entire house tour. Now on to the first day of school.


That’s me. So I wore that favorite white ruffled shirt of mine, my mom’s gold link necklace, my navy pencil skirt, gold sparkly flats, a gold bow in my hair, and a navy blue and white polka dotted backpack. I also straightened my hair, which I never do. Shows you that I am just dedicated to school. DEDICATION right there.


Oh my gosh, don’t you love my family? My brother and sister’s faces!!! Lol. So anyway, we were trying (and failing) to do our grade numbers with our hands. I’m in 8th, Little Sister’s in 2nd, Big Brother’s in 11th (sadly, he doesn’t have 11 fingers), and yeah. but L.S. was having some fun with a fat face there. Oh, and please pardon the black smudge that’s right by my face. That is on my camera and it won’t go away. I will try to figure out what it is, but in the meantime, I do not have black stuff all over my face all the time.


With that being said, I really like this picture, sans the black smudge. Maybe I will learn how to Photoshop. I don’t know.

OKAY, so y’all have an AWESOME school year!!! I started Wed. August 13, so yeah. But y’all have fun!!!

Au revoir,


P.S. I am taking French!! I love it!!!!

OOTD + Info

Hey guys! Sorry you have missed me for about twenty billion years. Today I am wearing something worthy of the blog (that actually my 8-year-old sister picked out for me) that I’ve worn before but was too lazy to post. It’s a super cute and comfy outfit for driving in the car for a few hours (I’m visiting Philadelphia!!!! Sooo excited!!!).


Don’t you love my super cute and totally flattering pose? 😉

Incidentally, I wore this shirt from my last post (don’t worry, I’ve worn MANY shirts since then.) so you can just scroll down a bit to figure out where it’s from (since I forget). The shorts are navy and the PERFECT length and I got them from Goodwill, but they are originally from Scout.

I French twisted my hair into pigtails. Find a great tutorial on that here! You can easily adapt it to be a half–updo to get the hair out of your face or do pigtails like I did! I frequently do this to get the hair out of my face and sometimes I do it all the way around my head to do a side pony.

IMG_1088 IMG_1089

For my shoes (I’m not wearing any in the picture so I’ll find one online since I am too lazy to even get up and take a picture of them.) I’m (going to be/theoretically) wearing these AWESOME classic Chucks that I got for my birthday. They’re from Shoe Carnival. I’ll post a birthday haul later.

They’re shoreline style!!!

K, now that we’re done with my OOTD, we can get onto my info. You can e-mail me at My blog Pinterest is Pink Cupcakes in Pink Heels. Check it out here. I may or may not get a blog Facebook. Tell me if I should in the comments below! Also, tell me if you think I should do more hauls, crafts, or whatever.




Hi guys! I have been the crappiest blogger EVER this week! It’s not entirely my fault though. We’ve been driving to the West and for four days there has literally been no connection. No WiFi, no cell signal, nothing. But I finally stopped at a hotel with WiFi so I took advantage of this opportunity.

I’m still driving for about 3 hours today so I’m wearing something cute but comfortable since I’m seeing family but will still be in the car for some of the day.


Don’t you love my beautiful background? 😉


I got this white ruffled shirt from Goodwill but it is originally from Essentials by Milano. It is really lightweight and breathable and it’s super cute!


I got these capris at a yard sale a year ago. They’re originally from American Eagle. I just found them when I was organizing my wardrobe for the season change and I was way more excited than I should have been to find another pair of capris.


I just got these sandals two weeks ago from Amazon. They were only like $10 and you got what you paid for. They are cute and surprisingly sturdy. They were a little uncomfortable on the first day but after I broke them in they felt great!


For my hair I showered so it’s still wet. I French twisted it into a side pony.
Hopefully I’ll be more diligent about posting in the future!

OOTD Sunday

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Today I’m going to show you the simple outfit that I wore.

Overview of this awesome outfit!

Overview of this awesome outfit!

Of course, I’m wearing a skirt because it’s Sunday.

OOTD Sunday outfit 638


I got this skirt from Goodwill but I checked the tag and it is originally from Talbot’s in the petite section. I love this skirt because it is thin so it’s very breathable and it is the perfect length! It goes down just about a half inch under my knees and it is PERFECT! It’s not too long, not too short. I LOVE it and I wear it almost every Sunday.

I got the shirt from Goodwill too. I don’t know what store it originally came from. But like the skirt, I LOVE THIS!!! It is long enough so that I don’t have to hold it down when I bend over and I love the style! It is a boat neck, which I love, and the sleeves go just above  the elbows. It is so comfortable but it’s really cute too. Love it!

OOTD Sunday outfit 635

I got sweet metal  bow necklace for Christmas. It was from Claire’s. I personally prefer pendants so I would have liked it to be a little bit longer, but I love it all the same. It goes well with everything, and who doesn’t like bows?

OOTD Sunday outfit 637

These adorable oxfords were also from Christmas but they were on my Pinterest board from Amazon and I got them from “Santa” (aka my parents). They are very comfortable and sooo cute! Although, every time I wear them, I get at least two comments from people wondering why I was wearing jazz/tap shoes! 🙂 I don’t mind. These are 3s or 4s (I don’t remember) but they have other sizes.

OOTD Sunday outfit 639

I wore my hair in a simple braided bun because I showered and didn’t have time to blow-dry my hair this morning. (Aah, the joys of 9:00 church!) This cute white bow headband I got from the Children’s Place AGES ago so I’m not even sure they still have them. It’s cute (albeit small)!

I hope this post gave you clothing inspiration! If you have any questions or suggestions, tell them to me in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

See you in about a week!


P.S. My good friend is giving me a shout-out on her Rainbow Loom Google+ account, so I decided to be nice and give her a shout-out on Pink Cupcakes. Go check out her account on Google+. It’s KLN rainbowloom. Have fun!




Welcome to my blog!

Hi guys! I am SO excited  to do this blog! I’ve been wanting to do this blog for a while now, but I hadn’t gotten around to it until my good friend, Ashley, started her own blog about good, clean reads. (See her blog here: ) I finally got permission from my parents and, also with the help of Ashley, I obtained the adorable name, Pink Cupcakes in Pink Heels. This blog is going to be mostly about trendy but modest fashion and occasionally some recipes (because I love to bake).

A little bit about me:

  • I love pink! It is my favorite color, and I especially love it paired with aqua or turquoise.
  • I play piano and I have played ever since I was 8.
  • I’m a Mormon! If you don’t know what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints is, check out their website here!
  • I have an amazing and super-supportive family! Thanks to my awesome mom, dad, brother, and sister! You rock!

A little bit about the inspiration for the blog:

As an LDS, I have high standards in clothing that can sometimes be hard  to find in this day and age. This blog was inspired by Ashley and the fact that it can be hard to find modest clothing! I hope that you find awesome clothing inspiration, LDS and non-LDS  alike!

Notice: I picked a really bad time to start this blog! I won’t be posting at all from Monday to Friday because I’m going to a camp–no electronics allowed!

Thanks so much for checking this out!

See you later!